Meet The Chef


As a chef and a songwriter, creativity and storytelling are the keys to great food and excellent music.

Creating a memorable meal requires equal portions of craft and inspiration. Successful songwriting demands the same. Chef Craig approaches each meal he creates in the same way he constructs his songs. A successful song begins with a "hook" - a musical idea, word, or phrase that sticks in the listener's mind. A successful meal begins with a different kind of "hook" - an idea about how to combine a few ingredients that so that they tantalize the the senses.


Songs and meals tell stories. The story is more powerful when it relates to one's personal experience. A song can stir memories of younger days or a wonderful lover. A meal can rouse the senses to recall the sights and smells of a mother's kitchen, a grandmother's holiday meal, or a trip to some exotic locale that will never be forgotten.


To achieve excellence, a successful song needs prosody - the rhythm, melody, and mood must all come together as one. In a similar fashion, the various components of a meal must work together in harmony to create a memorable culinary moment. 


Chef Craig's culinary creations are like his songs - carefully crafted, hard to forget, and they leave you wanting more. Why not let Chef Craig share his culinary stories with you and your family?

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