1.  Why Hire A Personal Chef?


Which of these descriptions reflects you situation?

  • You’re single or married, and you and/or your spouse work more than 40-50 hours a week. Dinner is usually fast food, junk food, or eating expensive meals in restaurants.

  • You have a family and as soon as you leave work, you are off to the ball fields, the gym, dance practice, or some other activity so you can support your kids. The family seldom eats together.

  • Health concerns force you to follow a restricted diet and it is difficult for you to follow your dietary restrictions.

  • You or another family member experienced a recent hospitalization and although you want to eat well to regain your strength, your recovery stands in the way of preparing healthy meals.

  • You’ve been trying to lose weight by exercising and eating healthier. You get to the gym, but your eating habits have not changed much.

  • You can’t or don’t want to cook, but you want to eat well and have control over how your food is prepared.

If any of these descriptions fit you and your circumstances, then Full Plate may be the answer for you. Full Plate provides healthy meals tailored to your specifications. We do all the cooking. All you have to do is reheat and serve your meals.


2. How do personal chef services work?


Chef Craig meets with you at your house to determine you dietary preferences. A menu is developed and approved. Chef Craig does all of the shopping, comes to your home on a predetermined day, prepares your meals using his own kitchen supplies, cleans up, and leaves your refrigerator and freezer stocked with delicious meals. As the client, you have full control over your menu choices, methods of food preparation, the quality of ingredients, and how often you employ his services.


3.  What is the cost of having a personal chef prepare my meals?


There are two basic methods of pricing:

  • Flat Rate – You pay one price and receive 4 servings of 5 different meals.

  • Labor and Food Priced Separately – you pay a predetermined price for labor and the price of the food varies depending on your menu choices. This method is typically used when the client prefers expensive cuts of fish or meat, all organic ingredients, or other options where prices are generally higher than normal and can vary greatly.

Contact us directly to determine your cost.


4. What other services are available?


In addition to meal preparation for singles, couples, and families, Chef Craig provides:

  • Catering for small parties and special events for up to 30 people (Catering events priced individually).

  • Cooking lessons at the site of your choosing (Prices vary depending on the number of people and the menu).

  • Advice on wine, beer, and spirits selections to complement you

       meal choices.


5. How are the meals packaged?


Chef Craig works with you to determine the type of storage you prefer (disposable or reusable). Some of the meals are stored in the refrigerator for consumption within a day or two. The remaining meals are frozen and then thawed as you need them. Directions for reheating and thawing

are provided.

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